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Going beyond the lens with photographer Yasser Booley

See the original piece as written by Arron Moos

Words by Arron Moos, photographs by Arron Moos and supplied by Yasser Booley


Street Art as Resistance

Street Art, which has forced its way into the realm of contemporary art today, is in a constant state of ‘becoming’. It encompasses vast and varied means of representation, which includes graffiti, stencils, prints, wheat-pastes, murals and often extends into projects of artistic collaboration – resulting in the creation of street installations or video art. For this reason, it is regarded as a concoction of interdisciplinary forms of artistic expression. Furthermore, it exudes various personally-relevant and societally-applicable meanings. Yet this doesn’t mean its origins, influences or inspirations can’t be traced. Continue reading “Street Art as Resistance”

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