GIFs are taking over

Ever wondered what life would look like if the retro 80s met the future? Or if sci-fi wasn’t just sci-fi? What if… Hear me out here… we lived in an 8-bit world? A world where you became the video character…

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“Nothing Great was Ever Achieved Sitting at Home…”

“unless you’re sitting in your garage building google or some shit.” – Falko One

Craig Cupido, otherwise known as South African graffiti pioneer Falko One, has released a behind-the-scenes documentary which reveals details about Once Upon a A Town – his ongoing social art project.  In collaboration with Redbull, Cupido set out on a journey to visit six small, lesser-known towns in South Africa. Starting in the Western Cape, passing through the Eastern Cape and moving up to the Kalahari, Cupido’s journey was endowed with the intentions of “[getting] to know the real South Africa” by sharing art with people that can’t usually afford art as a luxury.

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