My name is Arron Moos. I’m an aspiring photographer and someone who likes to look beyond the surface… sometimes I’m really terrible at it while other times I vaguely makes sense – I’m a lost boy with a camera.

Having grown up in the eastern suburbs of Johannesburg, I have made the journey to Cape Town – my mother’s land (excuse the pun) and the home of my heritage – to study Film & Media at the University of Cape Town.

I’ve always enjoyed the arts and looking back it’s played a greater role in my life and personal development than I’ve liked to acknowledge. I think the reasons for this lie in art’s ability and power to break language barriers – there’s a universal audience as long as the context is understood.

To me, it becomes a visual stimulation as well as a representation of words, thoughts and feelings – which sometimes serve no other purpose than to merely exist.

It takes time for me to fully develop an opinion and articulate myself, so it’s beautiful to me that someone’s work can succinctly convey a simple concept, provoke my thoughts, analyse structures and subject me to their perspective or simply align itself with the idea that not every question needs an answer.

The arts have been my guide for assimilating concepts of ‘how to feel’, ‘how to express’ and helped me develop ideas on how to deal with situations as well as impacted my own ideas of ‘how to live’.

About onconcreteandbeyond

I find myself immersed in a vibrant, diverse and particularly peculiar society – yet I truly enjoy exploring, trying new things and putting myself in new spaces. Given my interests in the arts, it seemed fitting to me to have a blog which becomes concerned with the numerous voices of those seeking to paint, draw or capture images of emotion, lived experiences and thoughts.

onconcreteandbeyond is then my means of delving into and grappling with this modern lifestyle from an artful and expressive perspective. Sometimes my intention is to supplement or elaborate on my own understanding, other times it is my attempt at acknowledging another perspective on topics or merely a lingual expression of sitting back and saying “hey that’s really cool, I like that”.


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