Moving through Modernity: A Photo Essay

Given the theme of A Divided City for a photography assignment, I set out to document scenes of Cape Town’s southern railway line. These images observe the ways in which modernity has impacted how people move through different spaces in their every day lives.

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An exploration of City Desired: Education vs Diversity

A recent assignment prompted me to look into the work of The African Centre for Cities (ACC),  a research unit at the University of Cape Town, and Cityscapes in a collaborative project from 2014 entitled City Desired. In following the themes of Education and Diversity in City Desired, the above infographic was created to provide a comparison of the 57th and 48th wards in Cape Town highlighting the similarities and differences in youth education, youth demographics and youth employment.

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The Power of Words: An Audio Documentary with Wessley Thring

Ever had trouble trying to say what you mean? Or had the words you hold dear slandered by your peers?

Yeah, me too. There’s been too many moments where I’ve overlooked the kinds of power that words hold over me. As an agent of communication, it has broken and built boundaries between individuals and countries alike.

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Word on the Street: First Thursday’s

My arrival in Cape Town last year was riddled with occasional bouts of anxiety and fear. As it goes when you feel like a mere pebble to the overshadowing mountain and weary of what lies behind the surrounding new faces. Nevertheless, I found my feet in becoming familiar with the pulsating streets of life birthed by the Mother City. Caught up in thought, my beating imagination let loose into a vision of a night in the heart of town where it too pulsated with activity and vigour – so much so that the intention was other than that of turning Long Street into a long night…

As it turns out, I wasn’t alone in thinking these thoughts.
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“Nothing Great was Ever Achieved Sitting at Home…”

“unless you’re sitting in your garage building google or some shit.” – Falko One

Craig Cupido, otherwise known as South African graffiti pioneer Falko One, has released a behind-the-scenes documentary which reveals details about Once Upon a A Town – his ongoing social art project.  In collaboration with Redbull, Cupido set out on a journey to visit six small, lesser-known towns in South Africa. Starting in the Western Cape, passing through the Eastern Cape and moving up to the Kalahari, Cupido’s journey was endowed with the intentions of “[getting] to know the real South Africa” by sharing art with people that can’t usually afford art as a luxury.

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To go beyond concrete…

It’s moving late into the night as I type this up. My mind continues to wander as I ponder the contrast of where I was this very minute yesterday. I am no longer engulfed in the underground sounds of techno at Mødular. but rather find myself sitting at my desk in this lonely hostel room. I’m guided by the everlasting buzz of Main Road that wafts through my window. I’ve taken note that it’s a lot stronger than the coffee I’m sipping. I mean, I’m left sitting in near-silence, pondering my vision and thoughts surrounding this blog. Continue reading “To go beyond concrete…”

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