The Power of Words: An Audio Documentary with Wessley Thring

Ever had trouble trying to say what you mean? Or had the words you hold dear slandered by your peers?

Yeah, me too. There’s been too many moments where I’veΒ overlooked the kinds of power that words hold over me. As an agent of communication, it has broken and built boundaries between individuals and countries alike.

I sat down with Wessley Thring and spoke to him about his profound interest in poetry and his relationship with language. Continue reading “The Power of Words: An Audio Documentary with Wessley Thring”


The Line Between Street Art & Graffiti

Given the fluid definition of art, I’ve often struggled to exactly picture the difference between street art and graffiti. With large scale murals works drawing on the influence of graffiti and incorporating various handtypes, I sought to get a student perspective on what lines they draw between graffiti and street art.

Continue reading “The Line Between Street Art & Graffiti”

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