GIFs are taking over

Ever wondered what life would look like if the retro 80s met the future? Or if sci-fi wasn’t just sci-fi? What if… Hear me out here… we lived in an 8-bit world? A world where you became the video character…

Pretty cool, right?

Well, unfortunately these things won’t be happening anytime soon. However, aided by the mind-bendingly trippy work of KidMoGraph, we are transported into these lo-fi-inspired virtual realities of cinema, nostalgia and utter weirdness. Endowed with surrealist and futuristic concepts intermingled with the feelings associated with travelling, our imaginations are let loose to reach new heights.

City landscapes in a retro-future highway
City landscapes in a retro-future highway

“It is Fantasy, but based on reality”

Gustavo Torres (KidMoGraph)

Veering away from my interest in the South African sphere of creatives, is the Argentinian motion graphics mastermind Gustavo Torres, aka KidMoGraph. Having more than 15 years of experience as a creative behind his name, it’s no wonder that his work includes music videos, illustration, graphic motion design and, what he’s most well-known for, GIF art. Notable names on his client list include Grammy-winning duo Jack U, master turntablist A-Trak, harder-than-nails hip-hop group Flatbush Zombies, fashion-giant Adidas and Red Bull . It seems Torres’ trade isn’t limited to a specific market with his recent creation of GIFs that dabble in the cinematic sphere.

Made for the cyber-futuristic film Ghost in the Shell



Made for the nightmare-provoking film that is Alien Covenant.

As if Torres’ client list isn’t testament enough to his capabilities, his Tumblr page can either leave you asking “What is wrong with this guy?” or lead you on a train of thought destined for the origin of such creations.

Self-illustrated self-portrait of Gustavo

It was during my hours of procrastination last year that I came across KidMoGraph. Scrolling through my twitter feed I found some interactions between him and fellow motion graphics designer, Beeple (who also has vivid work capable of putting you in an hour-long trance). Their passion for what they do is contagious, shown through the numerous fan replies and continuous flow of questions they receive, it seems that static imagery isn’t enough for consumers anymore.

As a fan of the ideas surrounding alternate reality, I was relieved to find that I’m not the only one who becomes captivated and mesmerized in their own little world of thoughts – yet Torres’ is a little more ‘concrete’. Furthermore, I’ve noticed how my imagination references past experiences and its these very same past experiences of his 80s childhood that Torres rekindles into his work as an endless happiness trip.

Scene Sheet for Jack U’s live visuals

Remaining humble in an interview with Eyedesyn, Torres expressed his gratitude towards the Tumblr Creators Initiative in noting how his relationships with brands around the world were cultivated. He further described the thoughts of his own work as, “a bit cheesy and shallow, but beautiful, nostalgic and literal.” Yet, do not be fooled, his work ethic displays a commitment to much more with his experimentation in 3D tracking and virtual reality.

“Only through diversity do you acquire and refine your taste.  Adding diversity into your work is a very healthy way to get better at what you do.”

Gustavo Torres (KidMoGraph)


He has become a true inspiration, just ask him how many people have claimed his work for their own…

Keep up to date with Kidmograph’s work by following him on InstagramTwitter, and on his website.

All GIFs sourced from and Tumblr.



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